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Nigeria, a Dry fertile land

Nigeria is a nation blessed with natural resources, like petroleum, gold and fertile lands that will ensure enough food for both the rich and the poor.  This natural resources is enough to plan our life independently without looking up to the western countries for unnecessary loans that is used to sponsored the country's need. Nigeria is a country full of brave men and women with outstanding talents that could bring money and fame for the country but the country is DRY.


Her leaders is not using the naturalistic available resources to sort out the country needs, the leaders need to water this dry fertile land so that when it sees water it bring out it seed and yield positive results.

Water means providing the needs for the country to be comfortable and to enjoy democracy as a good governance.
The land that should be flowing with milk and honey,  is now suffering from scarcity and drought. People said the land is green, yes,  if the land is green, food should fill our empty tables,  there shouldn't be beggars on the street, there shouldn't be unemployment in the country, there shouldn't be burglars going from house to house to rob innocent people with their belongings, corruption should have been a thing of a past in the country, their shouldn't be embezzlement of money, government shouldn't be allocating fake contracts to the cabals in the country.

We need a new leadership structure with good mentality, to water this dry fertile land so that when it is wet it brings out its beauty,  seeds and good results.
Nigeria is an under developed country, stagnant and not even developing,  we need to develop it our self, those developed countries started from somewhere and they are still on the race to be a developed entity. We can do it ourselves, let's wake up from our slumber and make this nation the real giant of Africa, not a fake one.

Let's give our country a positive change,  not just a change,  let us change the mind set of the bad leaders. Let choose a wise and Godly leader that will water the already dry land so that it can bring out Her beauty and good seeds

God bless Nigeria.

Written by owolabi Tobi

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