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Love Affair: The Subtleties of a Secret Relationship
People meet, fall in love and get married.
A truthful phrase makes it clear that all of us inevitably start a close relationship. It doesn’t matter where the couple met and how the first romantic date began.
The point is – what does actually happen when you have an affair? Relationship with a married man or a married woman is no longer a novelty. Every second faces such a situation at least once. But what does such love relationship lead to?
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Psychology of a love affair on the job.
What does make people go for such adventure? The psychology of this action is understandable. The initial feelings go burst after years of family life. Harsh everyday life, combining the home, work, caring for the family and children put a big stress on everyone. In order to feel beloved and desired, the girl succumbs to fleeting compliments, and then courtship. And the man wants to feel like a conqueror again, to take his mind off of the everyday routine and put himself in romance, in which there is nothing but only happiness.
It seems that everyone understands that it is a taboo and that the family is waiting at home but the happy moments do not let him escape from the deep waters of sensuality. If the lovers are single, they get a chance to build the future. Couples break up more often or continue living together without feelings for the good of children. The next factor is a good sex. After all, one partner no longer causes a fierce passion, everything goes boringly over time.
An office romance includes a new round of the game, where it is fun and pleasant again. Secrets have always attracted people, they increase the adrenaline rush and make people do crazy things. Somebody misses such moments! The frequent culprit of the office romance is profit and both parties consciously take this step. The role of a lover is not a matter of pride, however, who cares. True family men fly out of the nest but do not leave it.
How can you have an affair?
First of all, it is worth to get acquainted with the positive and negative aspects of an office romance. Then sit down and think about what is important to you and what do you want to get at the end. Do you want to have such a relationship? Be ready that a constant staying together will soon get bored. Problems in relations will distract from business and cause failures.
If you are a subordinate, and your beloved one is in the top ranks – it is unlikely to avoid gossip, your honestly awarded merits will get the status "by sleeping". The attitude of colleagues is unpredictable, furtive looks will become a daily greeting. In the case of a breakup, the favorite office will be changed to the "gate of Hell".
This will not necessarily happen to you, so it is worth evaluating the positive moments. For example, you will watch appearance more careful and go to work with a smile, and also control your lover’s behavior. You will plan the day together and solve common problems. So, consider whether it is worthwhile to start an affair or not.
How should you behave if you have an office romance?
First, do not have an affair because of boredom. There is no point in playing with feelings of a married woman. The destruction of the family will add shame and guilt, is that worth it? Personal and working relationships should be beyond the bounds – do not advertise your plans, envious people can hardly stand your happiness. Calm down and control your behavior in society.
Show your feelings only outside the office, it will help you to get closer and move to a new level of relationships. If you love a woman, and she feels the same, then it does not matter how other people call your love affair. The main thing is that it ends with a happy end.
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