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At 24, Davido has had more than his fair share of controversy- and he has conquered every single one of them.

You really don’t want Davido‘s life.

Google his name now and what you see is a lot of news stories about friends of his dying, police inviting him to make a statement about his involvement and lack thereof, his first baby mama wishing him well and a thousand other truths, half-truths, and outright falsehoods. Not to mention the Lagos State Commissioner of Police reading out Davido’s home address in front of a few cameras that parlayed into a billion eyeballs around the world. Nice job Sherlock.

The easy (and to be fair, uncharitable) thought to fans and nonfans alike would be the Donald Trump way: he knew what he signed up for. Yet when JAY-Z delivered the above line on his Kingdom Come album, he was 37 years old- ten years removed from his first album and at least twenty away from his drug-dealing life. With half a billion dollars to his name at the time, he described the fame his career had attracted as worse than a heroin addiction. Imagine what it would feel like to a 24-year-old Nigerian artiste who has seen and experienced everything life has to offer in only six short years. Again for context: the almighty JAY-Z who is arguably the most powerful hip-hop artiste in the world, did not release his first album until he was 26 years old.

In the light of his recent travails-three of his friends passing away in one week- it is convenient, like several people have done, to point fingers at him and say he had it coming. Afterall, the man lives better than 90% of Nigerians do. He already has more money than many of us would see in a lifetime- and he’s not apologetic for it at all. On the contrary, he’s in-your-face: always flaunting his cars and jewellery and rockstar lifestyle. It’s hard to be sympathetic when he’s always shouting about the 30 billion naira his father allegedly has. The schadenfreude that followed is a normal reaction of a people oppressed and (rightly or wrongly) see wealthy people as ‘the enemy’. There’s a Nigerian phrase for that: onpe! Na God catch am… 

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