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Award-winning Nigerian Actress, Stephanie Okereke Linus has called on the governments of both Ghana and Nigeria to create policies to reduce the saturation of telenovelas in the local media.

According to her, the amount of telenovelas viewed on local TV stations in Ghana is about the same in Nigeria.

The actress in an interview with Class FM stated: “Yes, telenovelas are in Nigeria too but I think it is more about the authorities figuring a way to protect this precious industry that people have put their sweat and blood in creating. So if they understand the value that we bring, they should be able to find laws to protect it and find how we can have synergy.” She further urged local movie and TV producers to protect their local industry and fight for their content, by demanding that government put in the place the right laws to protect their work.

The issue of of the saturation of telenovelas on our local channels has been raised several times over the course of the year. Several film and TV stakeholders in Ghana have asked government to ban the showing of these foreign series, as they claim it is adversely affecting the industry. One of Ghana’s veteran actors, Osofo Dadzie recently stated that the programs destroy the country’s culture and cause disunity in homes.

Stephanie Okereke as part of her visit to Ghana also attended the 2017 Glitz Magazine Style Awards, which is a yearly event to award style icons in various industries as well as designers and their works 

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