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One of the hotel rooms
Hotels are synonymous with hanky panky, but this Colombian Chateau has taken things a step further.
The infamous s*x hotspot is the largest themed hotel in Latin America, with 167 uniquely decorated rooms for whatever tickles your fancy.
Motel Kiss Me is in Cali, Colombia, and although prostitution is legal in the area, it is not a brothel.
Photographer Kurt Hollander stayed in residence for two weeks and insists it’s perfect for couples looking for a wild getaway, rather than a cheap room for solicited s*x.
Each of the 167 rooms have been decorated by local painters and sculptors.
They are all unique, with some more unorthodox than others.
In one, a sculpture of Adolf Hitler performing the Nazi solute is present alongside a partially covered swastika painted on the wall.
Another is modelled after New York City and contains an effigy of the twin towers burning.
Disturbing rooms aside, you can also book more lighthearted designs such as an underwater world, complete with yellow submarine, or an arctic igloo.
Or you can have a room themed around another country such as India, China and Egypt.
The hotel also has several pornographic television channels available and a comprehensive sex shop.
For his photographic project, For the Architecture of Sex, Hollander asked several women to pose for him in rooms of their choosing.
The woman came from diverse backgrounds, one a cross dresser, another a rugby player.
Each photo shows the women in clothing of their own choosing and they were instructed to behave as if they were in the room with a lover.
The hotel, which opened it’s doors in 2000, also offers a decoration service for couples celebrating special occasions.
Petals, candles, champagne and/or streamers can be used to decorate the room to enhance the romance.
The website encourages potential guests to “get out of the rut and make up for lost time in our spectacular themed suites”.
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