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Funke Akindele ’ s Husband has finally reacted after rumors made rounds last week that his actress wife , was pregnant
with twins .
Recall, the news made rounds last week after JJC shared a message on Instagram
insinuating that Akindele may already be pregnant with their children and then he
thanked the # HalleluyahChallenge.
The news quickly spread, stirring reactions among fans of the actress, especially those who followed the sad drama on social media after the founder
of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ , Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu, said the actress would never have
children in this lifetime.
But JJC Skillz has confirmed that the actress is not pregnant and he was only claiming that in faith.
Below is what he told Punch:
“ To God be the glory it would
come to pass . My post on
Instagram about my wife
having twins was a prophecy
from Olowogbogboro .
Nathaniel Bassey came online
and he had the prophecy, so I
just tapped into it . If you look
at my tweet, you would see
what I wrote, I said I heard
this news where he gave a big
testimony , he gathered people
around to pray for my wife
and he said that he had a
vision that she would have
twins and that he will be
invited to the naming
ceremony next year. I
received the good news and I
pray it comes to pass . ”

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