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Sometimes we think we don't know how to pray, or don't know
how to use the right words in prayer, or not even praying at
all. But think about this, have you grown dormant in your
spiritual and prayer life? Yes! The devil has exploited your
prayer life and weakened you. Below is how Satan exploits you
and your prayer life.

1. He tells you "see, you've prayed this and prayed that": Yes!
That's what you think, this is what he fills your mind with, but
the devil has come to waylay you. Don't give up in prayers.
Pray until something happens. The word of God encourages us to
pray without ceasing. Do we know that our prayer comes as a
delay because of two main reasons? Sin and the Adversary(the
Devil). They are the results of delay. First, we need to confess
and forsake our sins daily to God. The Bible says "all have
sinned and come short of the glory of God." We must learn to
confess our sins(secret sins, deliberate or presumptous sins)
and then go deeper in prayer. The Adversary(the Devil) shows
up when our prayers are getting answered and wages war with
the Angels(the ministering spirits Hebrew1:14) who come to
deliver our answered prayers. This happens in the spirit, but
when we don't continue in prayer our prayer either gets
delayed or unanswered. This is why the bible tells us; pray
without ceasing. The Bible is very clear, truthful and
applicable. The devil tells you "you prayed this, you've prayed
that" but never keep on praying what you've been praying. One
key to a prayerlife is faith & patience and believe someone is
working out the answer.

2. He sends an instrument of distraction: He could use anything
or anybody to distract you from prayer. See, this happens
when your prayer is getting stronger. Notice that, when you are
very deep in prayer, someone comes and distract you or ask you
for something or try to gain attention, not that that person is
an agent of the devil but he/she feels disturbed to meet you,
probably to ask you for something or gain your attention. Don't
yield to it! You might even have a phone call, but switch it off
before praying.

3. He makes you feel pointless in prayer: sometimes, when we
pray or start praying we may tend to forget the main point we
were suppose to pray about while praying and this may come as a
result of;
I. Rushing while praying
II. Losing focus while praying
III. Not praying in the spirit.
For instance, we are praying for 'God's restoration', we tend to
forget to add that in prayer due to the afore-mentioned
reasons and then after praying you say "hey, I forgot to add
this or forgot to tell God about that while praying." (Read
below on how to resolve this).

4. He makes you depend on other peoples prayer: Honestly, I
was used to these things while I so much had the pride of this
world, but as time went on, while growing up, I had an encounter
in which I made up my mind to give my life to christ, and then
understand some things about praying/prayer. This is very
significant. There is a fine line between INTERCESSION and
PRAYER. Intercession connotes praying and fasting to God for
restoration or to save someone or something or otherwise, while
praying is communicating to God, pouring our minds to God,
fighting spirutual battles through prayer e.t.c...

Depending on other people's prayer is like going for a war with
'casual wears' instead of an 'armour'. If we depend on other
peoples prayer, we are weakened by the devil to pray when we
ought to, and this easily will make the devil to manipulate our
lives without we knowing it. The person "praying" receives the
more grace while the person "depending" may later feel
disgraced, hence the quotation; "PRAY so you woulnd't be a
PREY" to the devil. Let us learn to overcome every wiles of the
devil. A PRAYERLESS christian is a POWERLESS christian!

5. He comes to you when you get the urge to pray or while
praying to remind you of your recent sins, just to weaken you
and your faith in prayer: Think of this; will you cease praying
because of your awareness of sin? Absolutely not! Though, this
doesn't mean we shouldn't think we are sinners, but confess and
forsake your sins before prayer (Proverbs28:13; He that
covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth them
shall haver mercy.) Pray with all awareness of righeousness and

6. He gives you great delusion and makes you put interests and
spend time in the things of the world(which gives pleasure)
rather than praying.
What To Do (exhortation):

§ First, before we start praying, we need to calmly say a little
prayer by telling the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in prayer,
to tell us what to say and how to pray. N.B: the Holy Spirit is
not our servant, but our comforter. he's the part of the

§ Write down your prayer request down. I mean, the main points
of your prayer and meditate on them till it fills your mind.

§ One of the process of praying is singing worship song. If you
don't know how to spend much time with God while praying,
sing spiritual songs, I mean, worship song, and as you do so, the
Holy Spirit fills your mind and heart with what to say while
praying or what to pray about.

§ Close your eyes while praying. This way you would be able to
concentrate more when you pray.
§ Apply the word of God in prayer & read Psalms during
prayer. Your prayer would seem strong.

§ Seal your prayer with the sacred and holy blood of Jesus
Christ after praying. (There's nothing more than doing so).

§ Lock yourself in a room to avoid distraction.

§ Suceed in making a prayer schedule, stay devoted and
intercede for others when we ought to.

§ And finally my brethren, we are not living a life of "bed of
roses" it is not. We have a spiritual battle against the powers of
hell and darkness, against spiritual wickedness and powers of
high places and against the princes of the air, which our
physical eyes can't see. But I exhort us to meditate prayers
every moments at anywhere in our hearts and confess what is

JAMES4:7-8; Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the
devil and he will flee from you. 8. Draw nigh to God, and he will
draw nigh to you, cleanse your hands you sinners, ye sinners:
purify your hearts, you double minded.

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