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Just so you know, my breasts didn’t start growing at the
time I had anticipated. When I was in primary 5, my
chest region was as flat as a new-born. There were no
signs my breasts were going to grow. I didn’t even have
a large nipple. Most of the girls in my class had well-
rounded tits sitting comfortably on their chest.
To make matters worse, there was a fat boy in my class
who had breasts (probably because of his weight). I didn’t
like him one bit as he had something I wasn’t able to
have yet. I desperately wanted breasts as I believed
having them would initiate me into a certain kind of
womanhood cult every girl ought to belong to.
I decided to take matters into my hands so I asked for
help from the expert. Toyosi was the girl with the biggest
boobs in my class back then so I asked her how I was
supposed to grow some and she gave me the ultimate
breast enlarging solution.
She told me to apply palm oil on my nipples and find a
black ant to bite me on the spot where I applied the palm
oil. She explained the swelling will make them grow out
and assured me of the efficacy of the remedy as she had
gotten it from her mother. I couldn’t get the black ant I
caught to bite me on my nipples. For whatsoever reason,
the ant didn’t find me good enough to be bitten.
By the time I entered Jss2, I still had no breasts and my
period had not even started. I gave up on my breasts
dream and figured I would be the first woman without
breasts and periods.
I had already accepted my fate and took my mind off the
possibility that I would be a well-endowed busty girl. Just
when I had given up hope, my breasts started coming out.
The whole situation reaffirmed the fact that most times,
we get that thing we desperately want when we stop
obsessing over it.
My breasts came out but they didn’t come out the way I
anticipated. They were small and pointed downwards. I
grew up seeing women who had well-rounded breasts that
pointed forward so I imagined that was how it would be
for me.
Someone close to me says I have banana breasts. My
“boobs” are saggy and small. They do not stand but point
downwards. I hated my body for a long while and I
wasn’t comfortable with my appearance. I kept trying all
sorts of breasts enlarging and firming creams that just
didn’t work.
I have been told to avoid V-necked shirt so my boobs
don’t show. I have been told to avoid taking pictures
from the neck down. I have been told to hide my breast
as they were unattractive. I have been told to wear bras
to bed. I have been given all sorts of recommendations.
I did all I was told to do till I realized that nothing is going
to change because this is just how I am. Every woman is
different and our body parts come in different shapes and
sizes. Just like some men have small p*nis and others
have fairly big ones so do some women have different
breasts sizes and shape.
This is not a cry for help. I do not need your home
remedies for sagging breasts. Neither do I need your
breasts enlargement cream or your recommendation of
the perfect surgeon. My sagging boob isn’t as a result of
the number of men I have slept with.
It also has nothing to do with the number of abortions I
may or may not have had. Science is yet to prove the
relationship between sagging breasts, abortions and sex.
Till science does, I am right to say my sagging boob is a
natural phenomenon.
I am comfortable with my body and there’s no shame in
admitting how my body shape is. Self-love is very hard
especially when we are being surrounded with altered
images and edited content. Self-love is hard because the
moment you try to be confident in your own body, you
are shamed for it.
I have seen it all on Instagram. I have seen how people
insult celebrities that dare display their sagging breasts or
“show-off” their huge well-rounded tits. The other day,
Laura Ikeji deactivated her comment section because
people trolled her sales manager who wore a revealing
cloth. In their words “how can she display her breasts that
are not even standing?” Someone went further to say
“they have sucked the life out of her breasts” .
Self-love is hard but I am loving myself nonetheless. I am
a 20-something year old with sagging boobs. I will wear
V-necked shirts, I will take pictures of my body how I
like and no, I will not wear bras all the time because my
breasts need to breathe!

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