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The founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church,
Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has
said that Nigerians should not have been
shocked by the Gestapo style crackdown on
justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the
Federal High Court and some state High Courts
by the Department of State Services, DSS, as
what happened was foretold.
He also said that the outcome of the
forthcoming governorship election in Ondo State
would demonstrate the resolute will of the
people to ensure that their choice would prevail
in the poll and thereby further clip the wings of
political kingmakers by voting for specific
individuals irrespective of the party.
Ayodele who spoke with Sunday Sun reporter
recalled his predictions on 2016 made in
December 2015, when he said that the judiciary
would face a travail following the indictment of
some judges.
Back then, the primate had said: “Let’s hope and
pray that we do not lose any judge or that
lawyers don’t go on strike. Some judges will be
In what can easily be interpreted as a fulfillment
of the prediction, the DSS on October of 7 and 8,
this year, raided the homes of some judges in a
brazen manner and arrested nine of them on
allegation of taking shocking sums of money, in
both local and foreign currencies as bribe and
other related misconduct.
But what has happened so far, is just a tip of the
iceberg as Ayodele emphatically said that judicial
officers should expect more stormy seas ahead
of them: “There will continue to be trouble in the
judiciary. A lot of what will come out of the
judiciary will not promote the image of the
Turning to the November 2016 Ondo State
governorship election, he said that the people of
Ondo have to be very prayerful, saying that what
will happen is a big signal to APC.
“There will be riots and battles as a result of the
election. In the Ondo election, people will not
vote according to party lines. Rather votes will
be cast for particular individuals irrespective of
the party they belong to as members. That is
also what will happen in subsequent Nigerian
elections. People will insist on individuals. They
will defend their votes.”
Beyond the Ondo election, Primate Ayodele said
that the relationship between President
Muhammadu Buhari and the Senate would
become more acrimonious.
His words: “The Senate will have serious battles
with Buhari. The government will take several
decisive steps to rubbish a lot of people
politically. There are a lot of forces working
against this government. The government wants
to do well but it is hindered by hidden forces
working against it. That is why the government
must take good care to neutralize the problem.
Until they do it, the administration cannot move
forward. That is why the government is not
getting solutions to many things. There are
forces working against it. They have to properly
identify the forces, otherwise …”

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