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Empress Njamah has denied any claim whatsoever that she ever touched her bu m to enlarge it.

Speaking with Kemi Lanre Aremu, the actress said;

I did not enhance my bu ttocks . I have
always had big bu ttocks . Whoever says I
tampered with my bottom is a learner . I
actually reduced my bu ttocks because I
used to like to wear a particular design and
size . As a result, I had to lose weight to fit
into it . My bottom reduced when I lost
some weight. I ’m not against people
enhancing their bodies . They have their
reasons for doing so but I would rather go
to the gym than go under the knife because
the after - effect of surgery is worse than
going to the gym . If you really want to
enhance your body , you can exercise and
get the natural enhancement .

On Marriage she said :

Before my brother , John, got married ,
nobody told him he was next. It just came .
So basically, there’ s nothing to suggest that
I am not next on the marriage list .
Marriage is something that happens
naturally , so it will happen naturally for me .
I can ’t clone a husband, so I can ’ t go on
and on about what qualities he must
possess. I ’m not an artist that will draw the
kind of man I want because what you
deserve might not be what you ’ ll get . When
I pray , I tell God to let His will be done .

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