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Here are some health benefits of soy bean :

1 . Prevent cancer

Epidemiological data show that
countries with high soy consumption
have lower risk of developing breast,
prostate and colon cancers as
compared to countries with low soy
consumption . Research also found that animals fed soy protein experienced a reduction in the spread of malignant cancer cells .

2 . Reduce heart disease risk

Studies have shown that eating 25
grams of soy protein per day can
significantlylower blood cholesterol
levels . This amount of soy protein is
effective in lowering LDL ( bad)
cholesterol when substituted for high
fat meats and other foods . The soy
isoflavone genistein also may increase the flexibility of blood vessels. In 1999 , the U . S . Food and Drug Administration supported this claim and allowed food labels to promote soy as part of a heart healthy diet.

3 . Promotes healthy bones

Preliminary studies in women have
shown that eating soy protein with
higher levels of naturally occurring
isoflavones can prevents the loss of
bone tissue . In addition, soy also
contains calcium and magnesium,
which are necessary for the
development of strong bones.

4 . Prevent Diabetes.

Regularly eating soy has been shown
to reduce the risk of diabetes ,
especially in people who are
overweight. Soy offers complete
protein , but without the cholesterol and saturated fat that many people with diabetes want to avoid. The
carbohydrates in soy are complex ,
meaning they break down slowly in the body, limiting their impact on blood sugar .

5 . Relieve menopausal symptoms

Preliminary research suggests that
eating a diet rich in soy isoflavones
may help alleviate menopausal
symptoms in pre -menopausal women .

During menopause, estrogen levels
drop significantly . Isoflavones are able to bind to estrogen receptor cells , so the body doesn’ t feel as though it is going through such a dramatic
decrease. This can ease many of the
symptoms of menopause, such as
mood swings, hot flashes , and hunger pains.


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