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A banker has killed his wife by stabbing her 124
times with a knife and an axe, a jury has heard.

Sanjay Nijhawan, 46, was struggling to cope after
quitting his highly paid job with Barclays, a court
The crisis came to a head when his wife Sonita, 38,
asked for a divorce. Nijhawan stabbed her
repeatedly in the head and neck before slitting her
He was found sitting beside her body by worried
family members who came to their luxury, gated
property in Weybridge, Surrey.
Opening the case, prosecutor Sally O'Neill said his
defence was expected to be that he had an
abnormality of mental function at the time "which
substantially impaired his ability to form a rational
judgement or exercise self control."
The jury heard that after he was arrested by police,
Nijhawan told officers that he had become
"deranged" and had suffered a nervous breakdown.
Ms O'Neill said: "The number and nature of her
cuts make it clear that she was the victim of a
fatal and sustained attack.
"She had a very large number of cut and stab
injuries to her neck and head.
"Underneath her body was an axe. He (Nijhawan)
was sitting on the kitchen floor next to her body
repeatedly stabbing himself to the legs with a
small knife.
"Sonita had 124 significant injuries to her body
including 40 cut and blunt force injuries to her
head, of which 18 were to the back of the head, 11
to the side and 10 to the left hand side of her
"These were all likely to be caused by an axe.
"There were 25 stab wounds to left side of her
neck, more likely to have been caused by a knife.
The defendant was immediately taken St George's
Hospital in Tooting."
The cause of death was neck and head injuries,
said the prosecuter.
Ms O'Neill said Nijhawan made Google searches
before the killing on how to commit suicide and on
how to identify the "soft parts of a female human
The jury was told that family relatives rushed to
the mansion home after Nijhawan made bizarre
phone calls and sent text messages about keys to
the house.
Ms O'Neill said the husband had taken away his
wife's mobile phone, even though she was on call
24-7 as a director of two care homes run by her
Jurors heard he claimed he took away the phone
so his wife could not tell family members about the
divorce discussion before a family event on the
upcoming weekend.
The court also heard that police seized a note from
Nijhawan which he wrote in hospital and which
stated: "I would like to issue a statement
immediately offering my severe remorse.
"The mindless act has lost the life of a beautiful
and amazing woman.
"I have failed in my duty as a son-in-law and a
Ms O'Neill told jurors: "It seems that in the
preceding months leading up to this event Sanjay
Nijhawan began to suffer from stress and anxiety
partly as a result of his job and he was finding it
very difficult to cope.
"He also felt under financial pressure because of
the move to the house although it is not clear
exactly why this was as both of the family were
The trial continues.

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